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Hand Defense Hand Sanitizer

Hand Defense Hand Sanitizer

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These days, people are washing their hands more than ever before. A global pandemic means everyone is aware of germs and how to keep things sanitary. Sometimes, you aren’t able to get to a sink or bathroom to wash your hands, or you are in a rush and need quick access to something antibacterial. Washing your hands is essential for removing dirt and buildup, and it’s recommended you wash your hands frequently throughout the day. However, when it comes to killing germs, hand sanitizer is just as effective as washing your hands. 

Many people associate hand sanitizer with drying out your skin, smelling like alcohol, and being tacky or sticky. While it’s true there are many brands that are cheaply made, not all hand sanitizers are created equal. 

Meet Hand Defense Sanitizer by Spongellé. It’s going to change the way you think about hand sanitizer. You’re going to actually enjoy using it, unlike other typical sanitizers. Worried about it being sticky or tacky? Don’t be. Hand Defense is infused with vitamin E and glycerin, which not only goes on smoothly and rubs into your skin in seconds, but it also hydrates your skin like a lotion would. Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin. Say hello to smooth, germ-free hands. Plus, with a delicious sea salt rose scent, you won’t even realize there’s 70% alcohol in there working to kill 99.9% of bacteria. 

Forget about small bottles of hand sanitizer that only give you a few uses. Our Hand Defense is made to give you 90+ pumps so that you can stay germ-free for longer. As if all of that wasn’t good enough, it’s vegan, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. That’s hand sanitizer you can feel good about using, and it’ll make your hands feel good too. 

Not available for customers outside the continental US due to transport regulations. 

Fragrance Notes

Top: Watery Ozone, Ocean Greens
Middle: Delicate Water Lily, Muguet Bells
Base: Soft Woods, Soft Musk